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Are You a Suicide Survivor or Suicide Adjacent:
Come Share Your Story and Lighten Your Burden 

Do you have a story, about loss of a loved one, by their own hand?  Or perhaps you teetered on the edge...

elaine Lindsay your Host


Lost my dear friend, when I was 16. Andrea, took her own life. Her death became the best/worst Gift that has kept me breathing.... #ChooseLife


Suicide survivors, those adjacent,  awareness, prevention, the hidden stories, the mental health challenges.  Bringing them all into the light of day. Cheering for the Survivor and Thriver stories that uplift, give hope, get you or someone like you to
#ChooseLife #KeepBreathing

And say '#NOTTODAY!'

What will you find here on

Suicide • Zen • Forgiveness?


Sharing the transformation and the joy of living fully!

Being real about the challenges, the pain, the addictions and more...through resilience, rising from the ashes, every time...

Offering different views, opportunities to rewrite your script! Serving you by helping to craft a new narrative, full of hope.

The Podcast

This is not a passion project. This is my MISSION.

This is a crisis that is affecting people around the world, in every corner, in every country.

We humans are united in this most heartbreaking choice.

I felt compelled to create this podcast because it's time!


 Life has taught me much and I want to share the wisdom I have gathered. That is the wisdom to know I  know very little. 

The site will share articles that uplift, share stories and stats, opinion pieces and more... 

always on the lookout for articles and information that can perhaps, be of value for you.  

"In the shit.. there's got to be a pony!"
~Elaine Lindsay ©1996

This ain't all sad stuff!

About Elaine Lindsay  
Speaker • Host

Elaine Says  "I made an important choice: I could be a victim of pain and adversity or I could choose to overcome it. That choice allows me to share my knowledge and expertise. I aim to improve 1% daily, to learn something new and to make every effort to live a #GratitudeAttitude daily.”

Elaine is uniquely suited to this new normal with a history of adapting and reinventing herself like the phoenix rising from the ashes…