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Your Host Elaine Lindsay - My Gift From Andrea 
Sharing the stories of suicide survivors and those left behind.

Trigger Warning:

Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast is for education only. Some of the subject matter could be triggering for those newly grieving, or in a poor state of mental health. Please call you local suicide hotline, or mental health office if you need immediate help.

My Story


Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. As the host of the podcast, I am honoured have my guests share their journeys, offer tips, and coping strategies. Sometimes we talk mental health in general. Hoping to inspire and motivate you, offer options and information about life after loss. About making the choice, sometimes daily, to #keepbreathing - to develop a #gratitudeattitude - to #chooselife.

When I was 16 years old, one of my dear friends died by her own hand.  Andrea’s death changed my life and that of everyone within her world to whom she mattered. Seeing how much people hurt, including me, forced me to realize the brutal impact of her choice. The devastation she left in her wake, forced me to come to terms with mortality, Emotional pain. And spiritual pain. 

At age 20 I believe Andrea saved me from certain death on a frozen highway in the middle of the night. This story and more are the examples I now use to inspire others to keep on keepin' on...

In short my life became a bad movie of car accidents (yes that was plural, and that's where the clean underwear comes in), botched surgeries, disease and personal crises that left me with a number of disparate metal body parts. I'm Bionic!!! 

Life's curveballs turned my commitment to positive living into dogged determination.

It took a long, long time to find the right choice: I chose to live a different way - a positive way. I choose to embrace life: I choose, that no matter what life threw at me, I do not quit.

I used to think "Life could be a vindictive bitch."
Now I make better choices. 

It took some soul-searching and much learning to evolve my life and claim my ability to live in gratitude every day.  I threw off the label of victim and put on the mantle of survivor and thriver. And to build my ability to create what I want - regardless of life’s sense of humour.

Eternal Optimist

I firmly believe that in every pile of horse dung...There's got to be a pony!

When we know better we can do better.. We don't always, although the choice is ours. I know that can be hard for some people to swallow. And yet when we aim forward with purpose and take the time and effort to help those around us, everything changes. Its so amazing to look back and see exactly where and when I stopped letting life happen to me. NOW life happens through me, with me, and yes, for me.

I want to share what I've learned and let you share your story, lighten your burden, take a little time for yourself. I want to know more about you and help you celebrate you.

In wins and losses we can find the silver lining if only we are open to the possibilities.

I hope you'll join me soon as my guest, or as a listener, Choose to #Keepbreathing and to see what wonders you can create when you develop a #gratitudeattitude.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I write articles within the scope of the challenges I have faced and overcome, as well as options for getting through the tough stuff.


I’m a public speaker that talks about resilience

Some people say the universe had to hit them with a brick, for them to get the message. In my case, the universe seems to prefer vehicles. Multiple vehicles!! ( I can be a slow learner)

I can help you to laugh at the drama, the challenges, the pain.

"I so love to share what I've learned over the past 6 decades.... (OMG ain't that a long time?)

It ain't all pretty. It ain't all funny. And it ain't half done!!I

I believe when you can laugh at yourself then anything is POSSIBLE!!! 

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